Ukr-walnut, since 2002 had a long path of persistence, formation and approval in the walnuts European market. Nowadays we have a very strong reputation among big European market players in the nuts field. We have gained authority and immaculate brand name during years of hard work.
This brand name is a sign of reliability, quality and impeccable reputation.
We are the most professional in the field of walnuts and pumpkin seeds, the strongest in providing qualitative products for the client, the reliable official Ukrainian exporter in the Eastern Europe and we have an individual flexible approach to each client.
Our facility is situated in the center of Ukraine, Khmelnitsky city.
We are authorized, official manufacturer; processor and exporter certified by Organic standard, ISO, HACCP certifications and INC members. We strongly work as per DDP-02 European standard.
Our capacity is 120 tons of walnut kernels per month and 60 tons of pumpkin seeds per month.
Our walnuts covered area almost all EU, in the same time we are working with Turkey, US and partially Middle East area.
We are hardworking company that every day is growing and increases capacity to fulfil all customers demand and wishes.
Our reward is client satisfaction.

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